Hard work really payoff ??

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I am a banker by profession. I think, in any job sector, you can’t survive or grow your career without political opinions and principles. Either your immediate bosses don’t want to see you grow as a successful fellow or your subordinates don’t support you because of jealousy or any other reason. Now if your immediate bosses are not supporting you then learning process get very difficult and if your subordinates are not supporting you then obviously you can’t accomplish the targets. In such scenario, you feel like you are stuck in a swamp.


A self dependent person like me always avoid help from others, I always try to do the given job at best possible level. Though I stayed lucky that I always found bosses who helped me, who highlighted me in eyes of higher management, who gave me best opinions and advices time by time but now at a certain point of my career I am feeling like jammed. I am trying my best to jump over the next bar but that bar seems too high because if I successfully jumped that bar then I will beat my immediate bosses or at least I will stand beside them. Now that means we help someone up to a certain point of his/her career, we stop helping/guiding when we see a threat for ourselves, though we are not sure that the threat is real or not but we start avoiding help/guide.

If I assume that I am immediate boss and not helping my subordinates because I am afraid that they will jump over me one day and I will lose my position and that will be a shame for me then I must learn from the life of a teacher who actually wants that his students become successful in upcoming life and achieve the milestones, and the success of a teacher is always hidden in the success of his students.

Why I said that political opinions and principles are mandatory in job sector, because being a pessimistic for once here, I think bosses are not going to be change. So the survival of subordinates is possible under the shield of political opinions and principles.

You don’t like your boss but you admire him, that’s one example of political opinion which u mostly give in front of all other colleagues (#Don’t trust anyone). You don’t know how to do a given task but you tell your boss that you can do it, that’s one example of political principle (#Never say I can’t).

Wish you all a successful career 🙂

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Born: January 1982, Pakistan Currently living in Pakistan. In my articles I want to share personal experiences about difficulties in routine life and then moving on in search of peace and success.

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