A True Friend

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I have many friends who are being emotionally supportive, who listen to me thoughtfully, who go out of their way for me, reliable and accept me and all my flaws but still I believe that one can be his own worst enemy and same way one can be his own best friend

as Choose Wisely said ”You can be your own Best Friend or your own Worst Enemy”.

People say “A book can be your best friend” because:

  • A book will not judge you ever
  • A book will never leave you alone
  • A book will always teach you something
  • A book will let you know yourself better

People say “A dog can be your best friend” because:

  • You can share everything
  • They know what you’re feeling just by being around you
  • You feel like a famous person every time you step through the gate of your house
  • They’ve seen you at your very worst
  • No one can come between you and your dog

What I say, being a true and best friend of you can help you in every aspect of life, here I don’t mean that you ignore others and just listen to yourself, friends are necessary in life; either it’s a book, a dog or a human. It all depends on our nature that what kind of friend we need, sometime we need same as we are and some time we need totally opposite. E.g. if you have a limited circle of friends but you want to grow it bigger, you might search for a friend who already have that big circle of friends. If you are facing lack of confidence then you might search for a friend who got higher level of confidence and better than you in dealing people and explaining things. If you are a gym guy then you might go for a friend who also loves to do exercise in your gym with you, so it varies. Mostly we make friends as per our needs, and as needs changes, friend changes.

So I have many friends but My Best Friend Is Just Me, who always listen, laugh, cry and share with me.

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Born: January 1982, Pakistan Currently living in Pakistan. In my articles I want to share personal experiences about difficulties in routine life and then moving on in search of peace and success.

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