OMG my first concert in an arena

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In a lifetime there are a lot of first times. And the last few years I have done a lot already that I wasn’t allowed to do before. In the Message, most of any entertainment was kind of forbidden since it was from the Devil. Clapping and cheering was idol worshipping. Worldly music was off limits. I tell more about music in my blog post I lost my music, where do I start.

But finally, I can add one more thing on my “first-time” list. Last weekend I went to my first concert together with my daughter Nathalie. Nathalie has been a big fan of Twenty One Pilots for a long time. For months we have been talking about it and looking forward to the concert. And finally, the day arrived we traveled by plane and spend the weekend in Oslo and going to the arena concert.

The fun started when we came back from our shopping spread in Oslo Centrum. The concert was going to take place in the Telenor Arena in Fornebu and we stayed at the hotel just across the street. We first had to take the train from Oslo Central and then the bus back to the hotel.  While waiting for the bus the fans started to pop up group by group. All in green, black and taped with yellow duct tape. There was no mistake to make.. these were the fans. All were so excited and happy, you could feel that energy and the butterflies started to pop in our stomachs.

Nathalie made sure I would dress like a real fan. She let me borrow one of her fan t-shirts, told me to wear black jeans and to tape yellow duct tape on the right places. If you want to know more about the secret behind the yellow tape you can read it on PopBuzz.

The concert was amazing. They really put up a good show. I have never seen that many people gathered in one place, even when it was only half of the arena. It was so much fun watching the crowd jumping and waving their arms up and down, all as one to the rhythm of the music. You could feel the energy. It gave such an amazing feeling seeing Nathalie sitting there with sparkling eyes, watching her favorite band perform and singing all the songs with them. It made me feel so happy and free. And no I didn’t use earplugs even when it was loud and it took 2 hours before my hearing was normal again. But it was all worth it.


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