Burning Earth awaits the Messiah – Chapter I

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Burning Earth awaits the Messiah, but which one, a democratic, dictator, king, communist, nationalist or a religionist?

Current Affairs:

In a world full of hatred, scandals, corruptions, financial imbalances, moral imbalances, racisms, cruelties, drugs, weapons and wars, every leader thinks of themselves as taking best decisions for the country they represents individually. Not realizing that they are making the world move toward a collective destruction, knowing of the facts, where it would end.

With having all of the weapons of mass destructions and mass deception, fulfilling their personal (agendas) bests to serve their countries/themselves, forgetting the collective good of the humanity. Today humans living on earth is about to cross 8 Billion benchmark in coming years soon and every leader is taking decision for pretty handsome amount of population individually with the help of offices and institutions. Taking decisions what they think are the best.


We have a special cocktail of expert leaders controlling the matters of this dear planet earth in a passionate manner i.e. We have experts, when asked questions, they can shut down the entry of journalists into the white house. We have experts who threatens the world peace by simply saying that they have button of destruction on their working table. We have money making experts who poses threat by making all the money in the world in a way that only they earn trillions and trillions of dollars.

We have hypocrite experts taking advantage of others countries by creating false proxies. We have experts who came into power by butchering many innocent lives. We have experts consistently focusing too much just to prove that they are leaders (one of them even claimed that a person not taking U-Turn cannot be a leader) referring to Napoleon and Hitler as the biggest losers, as they didn’t took a U-turns.

There are some opportunists experts who are waiting for other to make a mistake, where they can take advantage of their politics and maintain their regime. There are some experts who have got the whole of their beloved countries destroyed just to remain in power.

There are many to discuss but the last one I think I should quote here are the one who call themselves kings, simply answerable to no one. Tried and tested, again and again over so many years these are some of the experts we daily talk about, fight over them, yell over them, vote for them and result is we are standing still, searching for the collective good of humanity.

Alas!! The earth has lost almost all of the hope.


The amount of peril and uncertainty prevailing the survival of humanity today have never been witnessed in past before. Having all sort of organizations, institutions and departments to serve humanity, why is there so much pressure, chaos, insanity, anarchy, disarray, lawlessness and confusions.

Today most of the things are controlled by the click of idea, an idea that within no time can create a hype to change/maneuver the perception of millions and millions. Today elections are won on the false campaigns over social medias, today risks are calculated over people’s reactions over certain issues and the major decisions are taken with respect of the trends.

It is sad to see, where these political leaders are supposed to guide their audience, they consider social media, masses reactions and trends for making decisions. Today the world has become more introvert, obsessive, delusional, infatuated and passionless. We have lost the path of progress and development, we have lost the way of sharing and caring, we have lost the way of brotherhood and Modesty.

Alas!!  Humanity has almost lost its Morality.

The Ruling Elite:

Today the system we live in, merely serves the society, where as it is serving mostly the agendas. Its primary function is no longer the welfare of humanity, its purpose is to serve the resolves of the chosen ones. Time and again, one after another people from same political parties, families and ideologies are coming up in power and we (the People) around the globe are electing/selecting them, hoping to witness betterment, but why haven’t we got anywhere? why are we still wondering here and there?

looking for someone special to stand up and delivers, what humanity needed the most, a single line Agenda “the Survival of Planet Earth and Humanity”. It was supposed to be a system “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” But have become a system “of the elites, by the elites and for the elites.”

Elites, a myth or reality! some where they are in form of Ideologies, some where they are in form of governments, some where they are the religionists and some where they are armed. With having one sole purpose ti.e. to ensure their agendas get going smoothly.

Their example is of a group of workers, setting up a stage for concert. Having jobs divided among themselves, some are working as marketing agents, some are security managers, some are musicians, some are controlling lighting and ambiance, some are suppose to sell snacks and corns, some are facilitators (services providers) and some are just the audience, waiting and smoothing up the path, for frictionless arrival of the lead singer to perform with his  (virtuous/evil) vision.

Alas!! Long lived humanity is almost on the verge of self-destruction.

Unanswered Questions:

With over 190 countries in the world, having different mode of governments i.e. democracies, kingships, communisms, dictatorships etc. Why the situation is getting horror and inhuman every passing day? Why is the system giving a blow back to common man, why is it so, that the rich are getting richer and poor are falling in the darkest gutter of sufferings? Why is it getting difficult for commoners to live life in peace and harmony? Why is there so much bloodshed? Why is the crime always on rise and getting systematic?

Why has the system failed to stop the cancer of drugs and mafia’s across the globe? Why is the health ratio always on the fall?  Is there any mode of government left that we must adopt, to survive the bitter realities of today? What have we got from the bitterest wars in last 20 years? Were they just to maintain the supremacy of some elites, ideologies, political groups, some race or families? Why is there so much terror and tension on the global markets i.e. stocks, oils, metals, consumer goods and banking sectors?

Why are we being pushed so hard that we have forgotten our origins and focusing on one bloody thing, the Money? What have made us forget our forefather’s traditions of sharing and patience? What have these political stooges(Elites) given us in the name of enlighten moderation and borders & boundaries? If I don’t stop, I think I will keep asking these questions and honestly, i don’t have any better answer except this, that they (the elites) are simply not interested in sorting out this mess.

Truth Of The Matter:

Truth of the matter is that these are the questions every sensible person asks to themselves every day and the end result is confusion. Truth of the matter is that humanity is intentionally kept occupied over puny and micro issues and is kept in the darkness that the ruling elite don’t want to resolves the burning issues. Truth of the matter is that, a country calling itself a super power have always been indulged in creating terrorists and disposing them, when utilized. Truth of the matter is that those we are calling terrorist today, they use to dine and wine in Pentagon and the White House and were their darlings in Soviet–Afghan War.

Truth of the matter is that after Soviets defeat, Afghans were left alone do deal with those we are calling bad terrorists today. Truth of the matter is that Iraq lost hundreds of thousands of innocent lives and many were forced to migrate due to the war raged on false information. Truth of the matter is that, a shameless prime minister asks for forgiveness only to the families of the soldiers of his dear country, who lost their lives fighting a false ear in Iraq.

Truth of the matter is how these elites played a cruel game and gave a blood bath in Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Syria by butchering and slaughtering millions and millions of innocent lives. Lastly, Truth of the matter is that when they fail they starts putting blame on other countries, just like they did to Cambodia after losing Vietnam war.

Now they have locked a new target for same purpose, Pakistan. Pakistan, being Afghanistan’s neighbor, fighting and facing severe consequences of being a US partner and front man in this war, damaged heavily, losing over 60,000 lives (civilians and armed forces) and suffering losses of over 150 Billion Dollars in this war against terrorism.

Pakistanis, who are unanimously winning and defeating TTP (Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan) and many other Afghan base terror groups in the biggest guerrilla war in the history of mankind, restoring peace in the urban and rural areas, are now being blamed for doing nothing.

Are we moving toward another Cambodian ending. Why making so much fuss about a country fighting as a front man and why keeping so much powerful silence on the disputed land of Palestine and Kashmir? Why not address the mother of all Sins? May be to let the issues alive and burning to do politics on it, over and over again!


Humanity kept within the boundaries of the concept of nationalities, no expert political leader has ever succeeded to unite the world for one simple cause that is “the survival of planet earth and humanity”.

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