From Pulvama to the Release of Abhinandan

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A few days back I wrote a blog with the title of KASHMIR: THE BURNING BEAUTY, In that blog, I tried to express the absolute picture of what’s been happening in Indian Occupied Kashmir for decades. How Kashmiri people are living their lives under continuous fear and pressure of Indian armed forces.

Just to give you the latest figures Indian armed forces have killed over 26 Kashmiri people just in the month of February 2019. Social abuse and human rights violations are being carried out every day viciously on unarmed innocent Kashmiri people. This culture of brutality by the Indian Government and Armed forces have created hatred and conception of the will of separation in Kahmiris.

Kashmiris on daily basis are observing curfews, pellet guns, bullets, and social violations. They are taking these incidents as a threat to their peaceful survival. For decades they have been treated like slaves by Indian forces and are forced by their misconducts to raise their voice for freedom.

Their anger and fear have made them even cross the line that they are taking up arms against the Indian Armed forces, which started from stones and have reached to the suicide attacks. Why are they not afraid of the guns and tanks? What is it that has made them reaching this point that they don’t even care about their lives anymore? Why is it so that the world biggest so-called Democracy is using force and might to suppress their voice?

Freedom Fighters Or Terrorists

Young Kashmiris like Burhan Wani, Adil Ahmad Dar and many more are fighting the oppressors for their freedom. But Indian government on the other hand, instead of understanding their position, declare them as terrorists and suppress their voices with even more might. Why have they never been able to succeed? Why is the Kashmiris anger raging more than ever before? resulting in a blood bath of both sides.

On 14 February 2019, a convoy of vehicles carrying security personnel was attacked by a vehicle-borne suicide bomber in the Pulwama district, Indian occupied Kashmir. The attack resulted in the deaths of over 40 Indian armed personnel and the attacker. The attacker was Adil Ahmad Dar, a local young freedom fighter Kashmiri. India blamed Pakistan for the attack without any proof as usual, not realizing the reason that why he took such a step.

The 20-year-old Adil’s father told about the  incident which took place when he was still in school, which may have changed him from the simple person he once was. “Once he was returning from the school when he was detained by the Indian forces and was asked to rub his nose on the ground and to make a circle around their jeep with his nose and was beaten up badly”.

Instead of putting up an end to such incidents that create hatred among the Kashmiris. Indian Govt use force to suppress them. So the question is what options are they left with to deal such humiliation and to live in harmony? especially when the same behavior is followed on for over decades.

The Pulwama Aftermath

In response of Pulwama attack, the Indian Air Force conducted air-strikes on 26th February over the Line of Control (LOC) in Pakistan side of Kashmir at midnight like cowards. The first such strikes since the Indo-Pak War of 1971. The Indian government stated that it had targeted a terrorist training camp. They also claimed that the strikes had killed several militants without any visual proofs. The claims were rejected by the local residents of the targeted area and by the Pakistani military too. They stated that there were no casualties or damage to infrastructure. Satellite data analysis by the Atlantic Council confirmed the Pakistani claim.

Very next day on 27th February 2019, Pakistan conducted air-strikes in Indian Occupied Kashmir. Which did not cause any casualties or damage. As it was intended to give a message to India that equal response will be given in result of any misadventure. Pakistan claimed that 02 Indian jets were shot down over Pakistani airspace. One pilot was captured, proofs also strengthen the Pakistan’s army claims. Indian authorities said that only one MIG-21 was lost and demanded the release of the pilot.


Winning Hearts And Minds

On 28 February, Pakistan’s Prime Minister said it in the parliament that they will release the Indian pilot as a goodwill and peace gesture to bring peace on the border and the region. The decision of releasing the captured Indian pilot Abhinandan is being praised out loud around the globe unanimously. Except by the warmongering Indian media and government. As they are calling it their victory and as an act done by Pakistan in fear.

Instead of addressing the root cause of all this mess. India is trying to divert focus on to the border tension. Instead of listening and solving Kashmiris narrative they are playing the blame game. If things continued like this between two Nuclear armed countries. I fears things will get ugly and the long lasted dream of peace will be long gone.



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