Derive By Deprive

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I often read the success stories of famous actors, doctors, athletes etc. In every other story I asses that there was some power which derived them to heights of success. That unseen power pushed them to work harder and harder until it took them beyond the border of failure and made them stand and glitter in the sky full of stars.

I think, if we ask any of those stars, he/she will tell us some story or a reason which held their brain and heart firmly and derived them to chase their dreams and accomplish those goals of life which other can only dream of.

Successful people who have failed once or more:

In the current era, names like Stephen King, Jim Carrey, J.K Rowling, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs etc are the people who failed first, who faced critics, who were depressed and deprived. They fell and kept falling but they didn’t let the hope go. They struggled, they tried, they put all efforts ahead to fail the world’s opinion about them. And finally, they smiled standing on the peak of success.


The core is that when we deprive, we see many paths to go, some negative and some positive. Success can be found anywhere on those trails but it depends on what is the meaning of success for us. The people we are discussing are those who selected the right path, they kept going through dark tunnels and broken roads but when they reached on the destination; they found the world clapping and cheering for them. Such people who deprived of success, when they taste it then they want all of it.


The hidden power lives in us in a “sleep mode”. Either it awakes itself or we have to awake it.  Sometimes, circumstances around us help that unseen power to control us and guide us towards success and sometimes we have to fight with circumstances and lift ourselves.

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