“PUBG – A Game or Mirror of Life”

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“PUBG – A Game or Mirror of Life”

I recently installed that game “PUBG” and started to play with friends and I found that it’s really a very addictive game. You are running on hills, swimming in rivers, driving cars & bikes, jumping from plane and then shooting others till you are not knocked down by some other player. Then there is option of Team Game, you are wandering, planning and killing together and save each other too.

While I was playing this game, a thought struck in my brain that this game illustrates so many important aspects of our life and relations.

About Game:

Let me explain it from the start of game, you and other random players standing on a place far from game map and waiting to be taken on game map, then all the players being taken on a plane which fly over the game map from one corner to another, players start jumping from the plane on different places on the map which they think will be challenging or easy.

When players land on the map, they start running in search of guns, bullets, medical boxes etc. Every player carries a bag to keep the accessories/items in the bag even those items are useful or not but still you can keep them and remove them too. All players fight with each other for resources and survival.  Players search for better guns, and those who find the better guns first, they get more chances to knock down others and in the end the player won who stays watchful, patient and opportunist.

About Life:

Just like this game, we too come on this world map from another place. We get many relations here which we try to save mostly till our last breath. People run for resources for their survival in this world and stay watchful to grab the opportunities to benefit themselves. Those who stay impatient often make mistakes in the life. And lose the opportunity to get better spot in the race of life. Relations go along with our lives, sometimes they protect us and sometimes we protect them. But we never willingly die with others because life is precious and we know it.


The lesson I learned from this game is don’t lose yourself trying to save others. Or I should say don’t lose yourself trying to hold on to someone who’s not afraid of losing you. Don’t overload your luggage bag of life, it will slow down your speed and will over burden you.

Stay watchful, patient and opportunist for survival 🙂

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